The Irish FIRE Podcast

Ep 30: Talking money with Aoife Gaffney

September 26, 2019

In this episode, Michael talks to Aoife Gaffney, AKA Prudence Money Penny. Aoife is a Certified Behavioural Money Coach (CMC), Accredited Business All Stars Thought Leader, professional speaker and writer and former financial adviser.

Michael interviews Aoife about a person's relationship with money, how you can improve your view point with money and just share general tips and advise when it comes to managing money!

Quotes from the episode:

"The different between an opinion and a pizza, is you opt for a pizza."

"A bargain is only a bargain if you needed the thing in the first place and you had planned to pay full price for it."

"The word budget doesn't sit right with me.... we call it a personal spending plan."

"Make spending decisions based on a plan, not whats in your bank balance."

"I see money as a friend... if you only spoke to them once a year, they're not going to hang around... "

Show Notes:

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