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Talking Pensions with Ralph Benson from Moneycube

September 11, 2019

In this episode, Michael talks to Ralph Benson from Moneycube.

Ralph is on a mission to add more transparency to pensions and investment products.

Pensions are a fantastic way to invest in an extremely tax efficient manner.  For many in Ireland, especially those who are PAYE earners, a Pension is the most tax efficient route to invest.

Ralph is looking to make pensions "cool again".  He is going out on the road as part of the "Pensions Awareness Week".  He is hosting various free events where you can learn more about how you can utilise a pension as part of your financial freedom journey.

Show notes:

Pensions Awareness week website:

Ralph can be contacted at [email protected] and

For other events and webinars visit:

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